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Is ArcGIS Server slow?The AGS PerformanceTool analyzes mapping services February 06, 2008

Company: alta4 Geoinformatik AGLocation: Trier, Germany

The performance of your GIS-Server is a key element to your success. If the loading time for maps is too long, users tend to get frustrated. Especially since Google Earth and Google Maps, the needs of the final customers have drastically increased. Because of long loading times, fewer requests can be processed and the need for upgrading your hardware resources and GIS-Licenses is the consequence. If you have already invested a lot into acquiring GIS-Services, you will not be satisfied with a mediocre performance.

Is ArcGIS Server slow?The search for the cause of the performance-problems can be very tiring and time consuming. Is the database the problem? Is the cartography too complex? What about the labeling? It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Based on their experience the alta4 Geoinformatik AG developed a software designed to analyze the performance of mapping services, running under ArcGIS Server.

Professional Analysis with the AGS PerformanceTool Besides the hardware components, the cartography defined in ArcMap plays a major role concerning the efficiency of your mapping service. The combination of layer selections with their visibility settings, as well for various map scales as well as the choice of labelling and symbolic options have a crucial impact on the performance of the task.

With help of the AGS PerformanceTool, the administrator is able to measure the presentation time of the single map elements in various scales. As a result the user receives a detailed PDF-Report. How fast was a layer in each scale? With help of the analysis results, the administrator is able to identify the flaws and specifically optimize the mapping service. Long loading times will be a thing of the past.

Try it out yourselfVisualize the efficiency of the AGS PerformanceTool to yourself. In the download section on a free demo version is available for testing. Any questions? Give us a call under 0049.651.96626-21
alta4 Geoinformatik AGThe alta4 Geoinformatik AG has been a pioneer in the field of web-based GIS-Software and services. As a company for branch overlapping IT-Solutions with spatial reference and as one of the leading ESRI partners, alta4 is one of the first go-to addresses in south western Germany.

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