fredag den 27. november 2009

Bringing the map to life through social gaming

Kortbaserede spil er en berusende cocktail ...

Maps and gaming ... a dynamic duo ...


Imagine having the whole world at your fingertips, literally. That’s what BattleCell, an innovative new web-based game that combines Google Maps and social gaming, has to offer.

Following in the spirit of Risk, players aim to gain as many of the 55 million cells overlaid on the map as possible while interacting with other gamers around the globe.

It goes beyond the traditional online game and the scope of many social networks as it introduces novel features and transcends cultural and language barriers. For example, its in-game instant messaging system automatically translates 30+ languages, which allows participants to seamlessly interact. Designed for millions of players, BattleCell provides gamers around the world a reason to collaborate, communicate and get past social and political limitations. [... ]

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