onsdag den 25. november 2009

Wiki of GIS terms.

Hvad er? Se her ...

Great source ...


The mission of wiki.gis.com is to ensure your success. Whether you’re a GIS expert or have just recently started using GIS, we deeply appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Wiki.GIS.com is a knowledge sharing platform that will enable users to share their knowledge with the community. Wiki.GIS.com will be useful in enhancing our knowledge of GIS, and will help geographers better understand GIS concepts and quickly ramp up their GIS skills to be more productive. Wiki.gis.com is a community-generated GIS-centric encyclopedia that serves as a repository for factual, unbiased GIS content.Wiki.GIS.com will seek to involve the GIS community in an ongoing process of creation and collaboration of conceptual GIS information. Wiki.GIS.com will use the passion and knowledge each one of you has, in order to offer another resource for users to help others. All content ownership will be shared by the GIS community. The success of wiki.GIS.com depends on the contributions of GIS professionals, students, and the GIS community-at-large. We invite all the people who share a common interest in sharing GIS knowledge and ideas to to create a login account on wikiGIScom and then begin editing existing pages or adding their own GIS-related content to the wiki.

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