onsdag den 14. juli 2010

Have you mapped your data today?

Jeg har i flere omgange postuleret at 80% af al information har en geografisk reference ... og at de resterende 20% er information hvortil denne endnu ikke er identificeret ... Når nogen nu postulerer at 95% af al data har en geografisk egenskab betyder det blot at vi nærmer os målet ...

When delivering session I've often said that 80% of all data have a spatial reference ... for the remaining 20% we just haven't yet identified the spatial reference ... Stating that 95% have spatial reference just indicates that we're getting closer ...


Are you connecting your data to a map? You should. Attractive and easy to understand, map-based presentations often make patterns more obvious than charts and graphs do. Many organizations are discovering the power of geographic information systems to incorporate location-specific data into effective visual presentations.

Recently, I learned that 20 years ago specialists were asserting that 80% of all data contains geographical references. That sounded high, so I asked Stuart Hamilton, GIS program director at the College of William and Mary, to clarify. His estimate: 95% is more accurate today. New technology is partially responsible, including cell phones, GPS devices and electronic toll collectors. [...]

Read more: http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/350588/Have_You_Mapped_Your_Data_Today_

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