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2008 ESRI Developers Summit Roundup

2008 ESRI Developers Summit Roundup

25. marts 2008 10:09:15 (Mountain Daylight Time, UTC-06:00)

Well, after a rough start getting to the ESRI Dev Summit, the rest of the week was fantastic. I had a great time meeting up with old friends and making lots of new ones too. Thanks to the hard working folks at ESRI, the Dev Summit was a great success again this year. If you're a GIS developer, skip the User Conference in the summer and make sure you head to the Dev Summit next year! Tons of other people have already given their wrap-up for this year's Summit so I'll point you to some of the good one's and just provide you with some pictures from the Summit. Cheers to ESRI and everyone involved in making this a great event! See you all next year!
Summit Wrap Ups:

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