torsdag den 13. marts 2008

GeoPDF Continues to Add New Features

GeoPDF from TerraGo Technologies has been around for a few years and the ability to capture a window of geospatial information from your desktop GIS system and export it to PDF provides not only data compression but an easy way to share data with people who have the Adobe Reader. Now, TerraGo is going further with the free GeoPDF Reader by offering:

The ability to view data in a variety of projections
Right click to link a MBR to a Google Map
Import ShapeFiles
Output from GeoPDF to KML

Another fairly slick addition to the Map2PDF Professional version is the ability to assemble a "mapbook." This utility can combine a series of GeoPDF's into a single, seamless file.

And if you haven't heard about it, the USGS has put all 55,000 USGS quad maps online (USGS Store) for free download in GeoPDF format. If you like PDF...GeoPDF Continues to Add New Features

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