onsdag den 26. marts 2008

The Closing Q&A


Dave Bouwman asked them to stop overselling ArcGIS Server. His comment was well received by everyone out there and those on stage all agreed they need to do a better job giving a realistic picture of what it can do and how quickly you can deploy applications.

There was some worry about the future of ArcIMS. Of course the Web ADF works with IMS, but the picture is pretty clear that you need to start seriously working at migrating to ArcGIS Server. There were quite a bit of ArcIMS folks looking at the RESTful API and the JavaScript API. There is a natural progression from AXL to JSON I believe and being able to see the JSON will better help them understand how it all works. The point is though that you probably need to move on as no new features will be incorporated into ArcIMS.

It was the last chance to enjoy an ESRI Squishee

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