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ArcGIS Explorer Build 600, A Sneak Peak

ArcGIS Explorer Build 600, A Sneak Peak

ESRI - Thursday, April 03 2008

I might have mentioned briefly about the new build that was showcased at the ESRI Developer Summit 2008. I see today the ArcGIS Explorer Team has released some further information about this build.
One of the biggest changes coming in build 600 is the redesigned UI. The UI takes advantage of the Microsoft Office 2007 ribbon style. If you have been using Microsoft Office 2007 then you would know how nice and easy this is to use.
So what's coming?
Using the new ribbon user interface will make the functions of the application easier to find and experiment with. The ribbon also makes it possible to display only the functions that are applicable to what you are doing and hides controls that are not relevant. Other key aspects of the new user experience include:
Better map content management Easier access to ArcGIS Online basemaps Improved window management
A nice new feature coming in ArcGIS Explorer Build 600 is the ability to view your map in both 2D as well as 3D. This is pretty cool!
ArcGIS Explorer Build 600 will be coming later this year so stayed tuned! More about the features coming in this build can be found on the write up here:

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