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Triple your ESRI Floating Licenses with OpenLM 1.5.0

Triple your ESRI Floating Licenses with OpenLM 1.5.0 April 16, 2008
Company: Global Maps - OpenLMIndustry: Software DevelopmentLocation: Kibbutz Givat Haim Ihud, Israel

Software developer Global Maps Inc. announced the launching of the new version of OpenLM for ESRI ArcGIS software.The software is available for download and EVALUATION at the OpenLM web site.OpenLM for ESRI ArcGIS is designed to improve the use of the popular ESRI Desktop ArcGIS family of products: ArcView, ArcEditor and ArcInfo.OpenLM offers a dramatic improvement in the availability of software licenses to end users and has a significant influence on users productivity.OpenLM provide a very cost effective replacement of FLEXnet and SAMreport.

The main focus of OpenLM version 1.5.0 is to provide support for organizations who work with multiple servers in various timezones. In addition, the new version provides connectivity to the Active Directory and OpenLM plans to offer important management tools, in the following versions at the near future.New OpenLM features for ESRI ArcGIS include:

* A new tool is prompting the user to release unused extensions.
* Ability to exclude folders, so documents inexcluded folders will not be saved by OpenLM.
* Ability to control IO and CPU usage levels, whichare used to determine if software is active or noneactive.
* Ability to work with unlimited FLEXlm servers - including servers in different timezones.
* Support for FLEXlm redundant server configuration(three or five FLEXlm that work together).
* Significant performance improvements in OpenLM EasyAdmin.
* Ability to connect OpenLM server to ActiveDirectory, in order to display additional user's information.
* Ability to hide the OpemLM Agent from the users bythe system administrator.
* Actual product name in the "license usageinformation" and EasyAdmin, instead of the FLEXlm name (FEATURE) of the software.
* Ability to "Filter" licenses list in the EasyAdmin - very useful for large organizations withconsiderable amount of licenses.
* Option to avoid license information refresh at eachquery - important for big organizations withnumerous amount of licenses.
* Option to limit user access, and deny the ability to query license status information for specificservers.
* OpenLM Agent displays the software version of theAgent and OpenLM Server.
* OpenLM Server version is displayed in theConfiguration Form title bar.
* New "user activity" report allows you to queryactivity for each user/feature combination.
* If you bill projects for software usage you can nowuse EasyAdmin to get the billing report.

For more information please contact:Regev Doron, CMOreggev@openlm.comOffice 972-4-6308085Mobile 972-52-6811094Global Maps is a Carbon Neutral Company - we print ONLY when we have to

Doron Regev ( 972-4-6308085

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