fredag den 4. juni 2010

Claim your business on Google and make the most of soccer fever!

Snart bliver din tv skærm grøn ...

Soon your tv screen will turn green ...


People all over the US and Canada already use Google Maps to search for pubs, bars and restaurants in their local area. And with soccer’s biggest event fast approaching, millions of fans will be looking for a great venue to enjoy the tournament. Now is your chance to create your free Google business listing and stand out during the games.

This will only be available for a limited time, so make sure that you sign up before May 31, 2010!

Just follow these 3 easy steps to set up your Google business listing:

  1. Click "Register Now". If you do not already have a free Google account you can create one first.
  2. Enter your personal access code on your ticket and you’ll find your business’s key address information already in place for you. Add to this basic information with details about your business, such as opening times.
  3. Flag yourself as a viewing location to make the most of soccer fever!

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