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Google Earth now available for iPad

Et perfekt match ...

A perfect match ...

Google Earth has been finding itself in all sorts of places lately, from the iPhone to Android phones, to the browser, and even the car. Today, hot on the heels of yesterday's launch ofGoogle Earth 5.2 we are proud to announce that Google Earth is now available for Apple’s iPad.

Google Earth for iPad is one of the best ways yet to experience Google Earth. With the combination of an intuitive touch interface, a large screen, and the snappy A4 processor, you a great new way to explore the globe and share your adventures with your friends.

Some iPad users have noticed that Google Earth has been available for the iPad from the very beginning, but until today, this has simply been the iPhone version running in a scaled-up mode. With our latest release, we now have native support for the iPad, which means that you get to see the world in beautiful full-resolution imagery. There is a custom toolbar at the top, and you can click on individual icons to open “balloons” without having to navigate away from the 3D view.

As with the iPhone version, you can easily navigate with your fingers, using one finger to move the globe; two fingers to change your viewpoint; a single finger double-tap to zoom in; and a two-finger double-tap to zoom out. And like all Google Earth products, you can search for geographic features and businesses by typing your query in the search box.

Along with Panoramio photos, Wikipedia articles, and Google Places, you can also view roads rendered directly on the terrain. Select any of these layers from the “Layers” menu in the toolbar.

To start exploring the world on your iPad, download it today from the iTunes store.

Read more: http://google-latlong.blogspot.com/2010/06/google-earth-now-available-for-ipad.html

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