torsdag den 10. juni 2010

Seeing new sights with photo overlays

Som nævnt i et tidligere indlæg ( kan StreetView også bruges som en platform hvor igennem vi kan føle historiens vingesus ...

As mentioned in and earlier post ( StreetView can be injected with history and giving life and presence to the past ...

Sometimes you want to explore a place for yourself, and sometimes you want to get a sense of how other people experience it. With our newest update to User Photos available within Street View, you can seamlessly do both. Now when you’re browsing a location in Street View, you can see user-contributed photographs directly overlaid within the panorama.

The new feature places thumbnails of relevant photos on top of the Street View imagery when you click the “Photos” option at the top right of the panorama. When you move your mouse cursor over one of these thumbnails, a photo appears which matches the content of the panoramic view. Using the overlays you can quickly preview several photos without changing your viewpoint or losing track of where you were. And if you click on the photo, you enter ourinteractive photo browser to explore additional pictures taken by the community.

It is now even easier to inspect architectural details and close-up quirks, or see what is happening at a place at more than one time of the day. Start to explore this new world through the eyes of other travelers with some of these locations:

See how Bundesplatz in Bern comes alive during the summer

Explore Ponte Vecchio in Florence from a new perspective

See the sun rise over Notre Dame

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