onsdag den 30. juni 2010

Cool iPhone app gives lowdown on any neighborhood

Kun amerikansk ...

iSpy ... Get to know your neighboors ;-)



The iPhone app, called Business Analyst Online, or BAO, links back to a wealth of geocoded demographic data stored in ESRI's geographic information system databases. Best of all, you can tap it for free.

"We think it’s really cool, because unlike any other app it will allow you to really check out a location, find out what it’s like and what kind of people live there," says Lead product manager James Killick.

Killick says ESRI is providing more than just rehashed Census data. "It’s updated demographics created by ESRI’s team of demographers, statisticians and economists who have been involved with building these kind of data sets for over 35 years," he says.

BAO was created with the needs of the real estate industry in mind, Killick says, but a search function will allow anyone to find locations that meet specific demographic criteria. [...]

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Read more: http://blogs.computerworld.com/16439/cool_iphone_app_gives_lowdown_on_your_neighborhood

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