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With GISRoam iPad take your ESRI Shapefiles with you.

iPad er på mange måder The missing link ... også når det gælder GIS i marken ...

iPad could very well be the missing link between laptops and mobile phones when it comes to working with GIS data in the field ...


With GISRoam iPad take your ESRI Shapefiles with you.

GISRoam’s iPad Free App Features:

  • Create new shape features using the GPS (Polygon, Line, and Point features) in new or existing Shapefile
  • Display current GPS position with Shapefile overlays
  • Edit existing attribution on Shapefiles and add new attributes while you roam
  • Perform powerful feature searches based on attribution
  • Find the Lat/Long positions on the map
  • Find the distance between two points or along a series of points
  • Edit and display large Shapefile layers with small memory footprint
  • Google Maps provides background maps

Note one cannot save collected/edited shapefiles or add new shapefiles to the Free GISRoam App without having a Webconnect account which is available in the GISRoam In App Store.

GISRoam’s iPad Webconnect Fee Plug-in Features: Getting Shapefile on and off the iPad with webconnect.

  • Webconnect is a cloud based storage, synchronization, and automated projections conversion application built specifically for the GISRoam application to address common GIS problems
  • Download entire new shapefiles and only changes to shapefiles already on the GISRoam client
  • Upload only the changes to the shapefiles saving bandwidth and time
  • Reproject shapefiles between thousands of Shapefiles projections using the standard .prj file
  • Revert changes you made in the shapefiles to those on the server as backup to errors.
  • Synchronize shapefiles between iPad and desktop computer from any web browser using WiFi or 3G networks today.

Download iPad GISRoam:

GISRoam iPad client application is now available on the Apple App Store for FREE.

Cogent3D is currently taking contracts to customize, brand, and build new iPad GIS applications, so if you have a requirement not being filled by one of our commercial products talk to us about building one to your requirements. email us at:

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