torsdag den 1. oktober 2009

Apple purchased Placebase in July to replace Google Maps?

Æblet falder kort fra stammen ...

MApple ...


On July 7th, Fred Lalonde, the founder of openplaces.organnounced in a tweet that Apple had bought the company that produced the Maps API that his company used in their software.

Pushpin is the name of the software API that Openplaces uses and it is made by a company called Placebase.

"Apple bought PlaceBase - all hush hush. Pushpin site taken offline. Hyperlocal iPhone?"


Yep, Apple bought Placebase. But what are they going to do with this software?

Placebase is similar to Google Maps in that it is a mapping service and has the world mapped out. You can zoom in and out and it has different layers you can superimpose over your mapping data. It does other things better than Google, however.


It may be a smart move for Apple to buy its way out of its dependency on Google now, while it has the chance. [...]

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