onsdag den 14. oktober 2009

Google's Michael Jones on Crowdsourcing

Utroligt at vi agerer som små datasamlende myrer når nogen ber os om det ...

Somehow we are just small data collecting ants doing what we've been told to do ...



* Places of personal interest in the Google Earth Community at http://bbs.keyhole.com
* Easy personal map annotation, sharing, and collaborative editing in Google Maps' MyMaps
* Simplified building/campus/city model creation and sharing via SketchUp and the 3DWarehouse at http://sketchup.google.com/ and http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/
* Geo-located visual place descriptions via http://www.panoramio.com
* Geo-tagging of photos in PicasaWeb at http://picasa.google.com
* Geo-tagging of videos in YouTube at http://www.youtube.com
* Business-owner creation and editing of business listings at http://www.google.com/local/add
* Public transit agency sharing of schedule data athttp://maps.google.com/help/maps/transit/partners/
* Easy construction of base-map data by users and governments athttp://www.google.com/mapmaker
* City/County/State/Department/Country map content data sharing partners athttp://maps.google.com/help/maps/mapcontent/
* Other efforts under development and test but not yet launched publicly

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