mandag den 5. oktober 2009

Summer Olympics 2016 Rio de Janeiro!!

En typisk IOC beslutning ... Takket være IOC kom der en økonomisk indsprøjtning til Sydamerika ... Vi ved alle at det var den voksende økonomi som fik OL til den verdensdel ...

A typical IOC vote ... Thanx to the IOC economic aid was given to South America ... All know it was the other way around ... The first Olympic Games in history to be held on that continent ever ...


Well its official, Rio has beat out Chicago, Madrid, Tokyo, Prague, Baku and Doha to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. Many are happy to see a country other than the regulars get the honor. Of the four countries that made it to the final round, Japan has hosted three previous Olympics, the US eight, and Spain one.

The map below shows the locations of all the past and currently planed Olympics (included are those that were cancelled due to WWI and WWII). The first Olympics was in 1896 in Athens. Before the Rio decision, no country in Latin America or Africa has ever hosted one.


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