torsdag den 1. oktober 2009

Mozilla vs Google Chrome Frame

Er det godt eller skidt?

No Aliens on board please ...


Mitchell Baker, chair of the Firefox-making Mozilla foundation,argues against approaches like Google Chrome Frame (Google’s plugin for Internet Explorer that sort of turns IE into Chrome, giving the browser additional power in certain areas). She says:

Once your browser has fragmented into multiple rendering engines, it’s very hard to manage information across websites. Some information will be managable from the browser you use and some information from Chrome Frame. If the Smart Location Bar in the “browser” doesn’t show the sites you’re trying to return to, then you need to find a way to open Chrome Frame and search there. Your “browser” can no longer aggregate information for you across websites. This defeats one of the most important ways in which a browser can help people manage their experience.

For many people Chrome Frame will make the web even more unknowable and confusing. (...) [I]f you end up at a website that makes use of the Chrome Frame, the treatment of your passwords, security settings, personalization all the other things one sets in a browser is suddenly unknown. [...]

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