mandag den 14. december 2009

MashupAustralia - Suburban Trends

Der brugt mere end 24 timer på denne mashup ...

And the winner is ...


Contest Winner
Excellence in Mashing and Best Student Entry
Created by
Alejandro Metke and Michael Henderson datasets used

Crime incidents data - 2004 International Crime Victimisation Survey (ICVS)

NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, Recorded Crime Dataset

Other datasets used

Census of Population and Housing: Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) - 2006

Census of Population and Housing: Census Geographic Areas Digital Boundaries

ABS Postal Area Concordances

Suburban Trends compares and contrasts Australian suburbs. Graphical indicators reveal different aspects of each suburb, including socio-economic standing, education levels and perceived safety levels. For suburbs within NSW, crime trends are also available. Additionally, a Web Services API allows this data to be easily reused.

Judges' Comments: A mashup of different types of crime and census data that allows you to compare and contrast suburbs by a range of economic, education, safety and socio-economic indicators. The judges thought the ability to compare suburbs visually combined with the selective choice of statistics was excellent especially in a field dominated by many entries using similar datasets.

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