søndag den 13. december 2009


Vis dine kort uden brug af GIS server eller database ...

Tiles are files ... like any other static data on the web ...


A tile based mapping framework is now available for download. With this framework you can create simple, easy to use cached maps for the web with advanced features found in desktop GIS systems.
The tiles utilized by the framework are created using ArcGIS 9.x software at the View license and copied to your existing web server, network drive, local drive, laptop or thumb drive. No Map Server or Database is needed.
The framework consists of a fully functional web page, style sheet, JavaScript library and .NET program to create and manage the map content. The framework is currently provided at no cost for non commercial applications. If you like the framework and use it in your GIS work please make a donation. You can download the framework here. For profit entities can contact me to discuss commercial uses of the framework. [...]

Read more: http://www.portablemaps.com/

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