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ArcGIS 10 - Top 10 New Features #feduc

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Here are the top 10 features of ArcGIS 10 as described by ESRI

  • Tables and windows can hide; the user can pin a window open; as windows appear or hide the map does not redraw; and some common operations have been tagged to a single pull down menu
  • List layers by visibility: zooming into map allows different features to appear and the legend updates accordingly; the SELECT BY LASSO tool will add layer views to the table of contents.
  • Tables: the user can dock tables anywhere on the map view; collapsing the table will display a tab at the bottom of map view
  • Enhanced reporting allowing users to use selected features only and creating a report
  • New search tool box (looks similar to search column on Microsoft products) in a right column area; search results may be from projects or files on your computer or on the web
  • Symbology search: search through 20,000 symbols that are available or use the search box for symbols such as a "red push pin"
  • Inclusion of catalog window into ArcMap
  • Tool Tips for Geoprocessing and ModelBuilder: tool tips have been enabled so the user can see input and output features without accessing the ModelBulder tool individually; Also new is an "undo" or "redo" button; and, the user can include tools and models in the toolbar and dock these tools on the toolbar;
  • Layers can be "time enabled" to isolate a field that has a time stamp so that the user can step though a layer of features by time; a slider bar is used to incrementally step though the time layer
  • License check out is now available so the user does not need to be connected to the server

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