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Technical Overview: MapGuide

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In my early GIS days MapGuide was the first web based product to land on my desk. Had it not been for MapGuide close bonds to ColdFusion I'd probably never gotten in that direction ... CF was my destiny in many years there after ... Then from one day to another MapGuide was out and in came ESRI and today that is my main developing 'platform' ...


MapGuide is a web-based map platform that includes both server and client components. It is currently available in two forms: "MapGuide Open Source" from the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) under the Lesser GPL license; and as "Autodesk MapGuide for Enterprise" directly from Autodesk.

MapGuide was originally released in 1995 by Argus Technologies of Calgary. Argus was acquired by Autodesk in 1996, and a new version of MapGuide was quickly released as "Autodesk MapGuide 2.0". Autodesk have continued to develop MapGuide, to the current "AutoDesk MapGuide for Enterprise 2010". MapGuide is designed to be easy to deploy, data connectivity, scalability, overall performance, and allow for rapid application development. The latest 2010 version includes improved legends, the ability to reproject raster data, and deprecation of a DWF viewer.
"MapGuide for Enterprise" is the commercial version. From spring 2004 to March 2006, a group of Autodesk developers created "MapGuide Open Source" from the then-current MapGuide v6.5.

This was in answer to requests from Autodesk developers and customers for faster innovatio, more frequent releases, and a lower cost of entry and ownership. The open source version attempts to retain the best aspects of MapGuide 6.5 whilst meeting the original MapGuide design goals. It is licensed to the OSGeo under the Lesser GPL License, and many innovations in the open source version make their way back into the commercial version. The open source version lacks connectivity to data stores to a number of data stores (eg. Oracle), AutoCAD integration, and localized versions. As would be expected for an open source application without a commercial support license, it also lacks additional quality assurance and formal support - both are included with purchases of MapGuide for Enterprise licenses.

Here is an example tourist map application based on MapGuide (see below for the URL to the interactive application):

Screenshot of a MapGuide application (click for larger image)


Read more: http://www.geowebguru.com/articles/250-technical-overview-mapguide

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