lørdag den 27. februar 2010

Photocity - Capture the World, One Photo at a Time

Fyr løs og skab en 3D verden ...

Shoot and create ...


What is PhotoCity?

PhotoCity is a game where you can create 3D models out of pictures that you take of the places around you. Every picture you upload actually adds 3D points to the model, which is how you raise your score: 3D points = game points!

The video at the right shows a 3D reconstruction of the Paul Allen library on the University of Washington campus which was made by the efforts of players of PhotoCity. You can see other reconstructions on our Reconstructions page, linked here.

By playing PhotoCity, you help us create the biggest, most complete reconstruction of your campus possible!

Read more: http://www.photocitygame.com/

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