søndag den 14. februar 2010

iphone offline maps (true maps)

Offline kort som i de go'e gamle dage ... Dog med det væsentligt bedre brugerinteraktion ...

Offline mapping like in the good old days except the UI is much better ...


True maps is the first application for the iphone that downloads openstreetmap data to visualize maps, search for places and streets and find routes totally offline, without the need to be connected to the internet (which in turn means more battery life!).

Since Openstreetmap is worldwide, you can use true maps with any part of the world. That is, you can download cities like Paris, London, New York, Tokio or Buenos Aires and have any of these in your app.

Keep your maps updated: openstreetmap is updated daily by people from all over the world. With true maps you can download the latest version of the map whenever you want.

Don´t waste your iphone/ ipod memory: true maps lets you choose the place you want to use for offline searching or routing. This means that if you want a portion of a country for example (like a city*), you will download just that and save a lot of space in your iphone/ipod memory!

And all of this is already available in the lite version!

The full version will contain:
  • Search and Edit POI. True maps will allow you to search for specific places of interest nearby and to even add your owns totally offline. Since true maps will interact directly with openstreetmap your POI will also be available to everyone.
  • Turn by turn voice guidance
  • No download limits: The lite version lets you download maps from a specific zoom level (enoguh to download very big cities). The full version has no limits in the download.
  • 3d. In the near future, all maps will be rendered in 3d.
  • Multi destinations routes.
  • Multi maps. There can be multiple maps downloaded and searched offline and you can switch between them.


Read more: http://sites.google.com/site/truemaps/

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  1. I'm the developer behind it and I will be releasing versions soon. If you have any suggestions or feedback please let me know... :)