mandag den 24. maj 2010

ArcGIS Server Cloud bundle

Nu kan amerikanerne købe skyhøje licenser ...

Why worry about hardware when you can worry about cloudware ...


ESRI offers customers the option to purchase a cloud-based subscription to ArcGIS Server called the ArcGIS Server Cloud bundle. The bundle is available to U.S. customers only.

The Cloud Bundle is not an enterprise license agreement (ELA) or site license eligible product. However, ELA customers can purchase ArcGIS Server Cloud bundles at a discounted price.

ArcGIS Server Cloud Bundle is an annual subscription to a preconfigured deployment of ArcGIS Server Advanced Enterprise running on a 4-core Windows Server 2008 virtual machine in the Amazon EC2 cloud infrastructure.

The bundle includes

  • Deployment of the annual ArcGIS Server Advanced Enterprise license on a virtual 4-core EC2 server based on the following configuration:
    • 2.0 GHz processor per core
    • 15 GB of memory
    • 1,690 GB of storage
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 64-bit platform
  • Documentation including a deployment guide and best practices
  • 12 months of ESRI technical support and maintenance
  • Online help

The term of the subscription is one (1) year. The subscription fee remains the same each year and includes software and data updates, as well as technical support. There are no additional maintenance fees.

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