mandag den 3. maj 2010

What’s More Accurate Than GPS? Photographs

The Matrix is forth coming ... Eller noget andet sludder i den retning ...

A global point cloud? Google Street View and others have plenty of data to reverse engineer reality ... Using 'standard' positioning techniques as a first step you'll probably get a quick and functionel millimeter location accuracy ...

Locations identified within the 10 or 20 meters possible by GPS today are far too inaccurate — we need to know where we are we are right down to the millimeter! That was the gauntlet thrown down by Michael Liebhold, distinguished fellow at the Institute for the Future, speaking at aGigaOM Pro Bunker Session on locationat the GigaOM office this week. With millimeter accuracy, augmented reality — digital information overlaid on a real-time view of the world — will actually become possible. “Right now we have all this toy AR,” said Liebhold. “This is useless.” [...]

Intrigued as to how soon millimeter accuracy might happen and what it could enable? Here’s the video:

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