onsdag den 5. maj 2010

UK General Election - Tweeeeeets

Hvad man dog siger ...



View live geotagged tweets over a constituency map of Britain. Recent geotagged tweets are shown, so the tweets you see have been sent from the actual locations shown.

Twitter Controls: Use the yellow search box to search for specific terms. You can disable automatic reloading, force a reload and clear the map using the panel controls. Loading status and popular hashtags are shown at the bottom of the panel.

Constituency Data: the constituency map uses the new 2010 boundaries released as Ordnance Survey Open Data, coloured by the notional 2005 election results, as provided by the Guardian Data Store. Zoom closer to see constituency names. Boundaries for Northern Irelend constituencies are not yet available as open data.

Important: the map shows only properly geotagged tweets, made by users who have enabled this feature. This represents only a small proportion of all tweets sent.

Read more: http://www.geo.me/election

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