tirsdag den 4. maj 2010

Welcome to the face.com API

En service til tagging af kort tak ...

Give me a map tagger ...


Thanks for checking out face.com. We've opened up our APIs so that you can integrate our face detection and recognition technology with your apps and services. Whether you're looking to add tagging for photos, cool sci-fi experiences, or creative flavors to your apps, we're here to help.

In a nutshell:

  • We offer services for detecting, recognizing, and tagging faces in any photo, through our REST API
  • Face.com's services are offered for FREE with rate limits. Whitelisting and Premium licensing options are available.
  • You can tag and recognize users from Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, you can train our index with your own set of users in a private namespace.
  • Saving Facebook and Twitter tags improves recognition for you and others, and it qualifies you for better rate limits.
  • We process photos from anywhere, so you can mix and match photo sources with user IDs, which could enable you to, say, recognize Facebook users in Flickr photos...

Read more: http://developers.face.com/docs/

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