torsdag den 6. maj 2010

Tagwhat Social Augmented Reality

Efterlad virtuelle beskeder i det virkelige rum ...

Leave an augmented postIt note anywhere ...

Tagwhat is a free network where you can create-and-share location based messages and content on-line or in mobile augmented reality.

Get started with Tagwhat.

1. Sign up is free and easy.

2. Tag what matters to you in your personal map from your desk or mobile. Add text, urls, photos, phone numbers, or videos to your tags.

3. Find people, companies, and causes to follow in Tagwhat. Following others merges their Tagwhat experience into yours.

4. Use your mobile in real life to explore your unique Tagwhat AR experience.

Tagwhat is the world's first augmented reality creation and distribution system. Share your world and augment your reality.

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