fredag den 26. marts 2010 Means a Full GIS in the Cloud

Hvad er der i vente? GIS data i skyen via Amazon ...

What is cooking? Clouds ahead ...


In a continuation of ESRI’s cloud-centric strategy following the Federal User Conference, where the relationship with Amazon Web Services was announced, this week’s Business Partner Conference includes news that users will be able to rent ArcGIS Server on Amazon and just pay for usage. In addition there are plans to have an online application store that will give users the ability to share data, services, models and templates.

The more intriguing news is the announcement of, a complete GIS implementation on the cloud, that will be made available later this year. This fully functional online platform could be the right fit for a number of users. This will bring down the barrier to entry, and allow a greater audience of potential users to become familiar with the tools without a huge up-front investment ...

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