tirsdag den 16. marts 2010

Design Around the World: Metro Maps

Farvede linjer med punkter på ...

The art of lines and points in bright colors ...


Every city looks and feels unique. Regional culture, typography, dialect, local customs and many more factors play a part in defining a city’s differences.

Those differences determine how that city sees its citizens and how it wants to represent itself to others.

For each city with one, the metro plays a part in defining those differences. The metro maps in this post show the skeletons of these cities. Each map explores the paths taken by the residents of that city.

The design and style of the maps appears reflective of the particular place. They may be seen as not only maps, but individual expressions of a local identity.

Here’s a great compilation of metro maps from around the world… [...]

Read more: http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2010/03/design-around-the-world-metro-maps/

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