fredag den 26. marts 2010

Discover Earth's Moon with amazing 3D graphics and touch navigation

I got the full moon in my hand ...

Take me to the moon ...


Moon Globe

Discover Earth's Moon with amazing 3D graphics and touch navigation. Moon Globe shows you how the Moon appears today, and lets you zoom in like a telescope with up to 500x magnification. Switch to globe mode, and you can spin above the surface, taking in the hidden far side, and look over the limb to see Earth in the distance. Surface features and landed spacecraft are labelled in an elegant 3D tag cloud. Adjust the time dynamically with on screen controls, and watch the sunlight move over the terrain. It even shows you where the Moon and Sun are in the sky at your location, with its dynamic sky compass.


  • Smooth 3D touch navigation.
  • Telescope mode and globe mode.
  • Sharp high-resolution views.
  • Dynamic time and illumination point adjustment.
  • Realtime topographic shading.
  • Over 1800 labelled terrain features.
  • "Sky compass" shows Moon and Sun position in the sky; points toward actual north on devices with a built in magnetic compass (iPhone 3GS).
  • Image rotate and reverse to match how the Moon appears through a telescope or binoculars.

Now available on the iTunes App Store!

screenshot screenshot

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