fredag den 29. januar 2010

A 2050 Tourist Map Of The Picadilly Line In London

Om 40 år er London en stor alge- og svampefabrik og menensker bor i drivhuse ...

40 years from now London is overgrown with algea and mushrooms and people live in glass biospheres ...


What will London look like at mid-century? According to this futuristic London Undergroundmap, it will be full of geothermal plants and algae factories that double as housing towers. Plus Tripods and giant mushrooms. We've got the full map below.

Artist Nils Norman created this map for future tourists in London as part of the Picadilly Line's 100th anniversary, and it was featured recently on Strange Maps. Strange Maps offers a thorough account of how the city has changed in 40 years, and explains (in part): [...]

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