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The ArcGIS 9.4 release was renamed ArcGIS 10

Hvorfor ikke 2010 ...

Why not 2010 ...


Note: The ArcGIS 9.4 release was renamed ArcGIS 10 in January. Listen to ESRI President Jack Dangermond explain why in a podcast[MP3].

ArcGIS 10 is a major release of all aspects of ArcGIS and is designed to help you perform your GIS work faster. Some of the highlights include the following:

  • Faster, more responsive drawing performance including smooth, continuous panning of your data
  • Easier access to most commonly used geoprocessing tools
  • New Search window in ArcMap to let you quickly locate maps, data, and tools
  • Catalog window built into ArcMap for quick data access
  • Easier and faster ways to find and use symbols and tools
  • Auto hide and dockable windows (e.g., table of contents) so your focus remains on the map
  • Ability to execute geoprocessing in the background, allowing you to continue to interact with your map
  • Automation of additional workflows with Python (maps and layers)
  • Easy-to-use Web APIs and software developer kits (SDKs)
  • Single-line simplified geocoding
  • New geoprocessing tools for multiscale map creation (reduce feature count, complexity, and conflicts)
  • Support for layouts with multiple pages for producing map books, including PDFs
  • Dynamic layout of text elements (title, date, page number, etc.)
  • Map templates for high-quality map generation on the desktop and the Web
  • Optimized map service (introduced in 9.3.1) supporting cartographic representations and Maplex labeling authored in ArcMap
  • New compact cache format facilitating the creation and management of large map caches
  • Enhanced integration of ArcGIS Server with ArcGIS Desktop for map production via geoprocessing services and Python
  • Open access to the geodatabase
  • Integration of a new window in ArcMap to simplify project management and collaboration
  • New Query layers that allow you to access all data (including spatial data) stored in relational databases via standard SQL
  • New sketch-based editing so you can choose from a customizable on-screen palette of features in desktop and Web clients
  • Easier access to common editing tools in ArcMap, ArcScene, and ArcGlobe
  • Ability to edit the geodatabase over the Web with the new Feature Editing Service
  • New customizable ArcGIS Mobile application for mobile and Tablet PC devices
  • Tight integration with ArcGIS Online search and sharing application
  • Easy to create and distribute projects that may include data, layers, maps, tools, scenes, globes, diagrams, and add-ins
  • Easier to share and organize geographic data on the enterprise through the new Search service in ArcGIS Server
  • Improved geoprocessing framework
    • ModelBuilder now supporting undo/redo, iterators, and ToolTips
    • Improved map algebra with Python support
  • New Fuzzy Overlay and Fuzzy Reclassify tools for better site selection and suitability modeling
  • Location/Allocation modeling of network datasets
  • New tools for image classification for easier collection and evaluation of training samples
  • New ecological sampling design tools accommodating user-defined spatial criteria
  • New types of graphs for visualizing analysis results
  • New Unicode-aware geocoding engine supporting international languages and more flexible address entry and matching
  • Improved 3D data management and creation
  • New 3D editing tools in ArcScene and ArcGlobe
  • Additional 3D analysis and visualization tools
  • Included templates and best practices for creating virtual cities
  • Creation and management of time-based data
  • Can display and animate temporal datasets
  • Can publish and query temporal map services
  • Fast, dynamic raster display
  • Web API access to image services
  • On-the-fly processing and mosaicking
  • New compact cache for easier management of large map caches
  • Enhanced optimized map services support for advanced ArcGIS cartography
  • New, out-of-the-box configurable Web mapping application for ArcGIS Server
  • New capability to deploy out-of-the-box ArcGIS Mobile projects to in-vehicle and tablet-based PCs
  • Enhanced data collection experience with streaming GPS, photo attachments, and location tracking for ArcGIS Mobile applications
  • Can quickly configure mobile projects using the new Mobile Project Center to simplify the deployment of projects
  • Extended SDK enabling developers to create extensions to ESRI-provided out-of-the-box ArcGIS Mobile applications
  • Ability to check out shared ArcGIS Desktop 10 licenses on a different computer (i.e., field units, home machine, or other machine) for temporary use in a controlled environment

  • The ArcGIS 10 beta release is now available. ArcGIS 10 is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2010.

Read more: http://www.esri.com/software/arcgis/whats-new/whats-coming.html

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