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ArcBruTile display tiles from OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps, Google Maps and Geodan GeoServer in ArcGIS Desktop

Vil det virke på ArcGIS Server ...

Will it work on ArcGIS Server?


ArcBruTile supports:
  • all projections;
  • client side caching.
Local data can be combined with tiles from ArcBruTile, here we see United Nations Haiti Basemap Data from ArcGIS Online combined with the actual OpenStreetMap for Haiti.

ArcBruTile supports all projections, here we see the world from Bing Maps in the Dutch projection:

Google Maps is also supported:

Why ArcBruTile is developed:
Because ArcGIS, one of the most popular desktop GIS program around, lacks support for non-ESRI tile services, especially the increasingly popular OpenStreetMap maps. And because we're bored searching for the always slow or lost or broken disk/service with actual map reference data :-)
ArcBruTile also solves the projections problem: all tiles are transformed on the fly to the desired projection if needed. ArcBruTile makes it very easy to combine data
with different projections.

Read more: http://arcbrutile.codeplex.com/

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