tirsdag den 19. januar 2010

Geovisualization: Geovisualization, Interactive visualization, Scientific visualization, Geographic information system, On the fly, Animated mapping


Like the related fields of scientific visualization and information visualization geovisualization emphasizes knowledge construction over knowledge storage or information transmission.To do this, geovisualization communicates geospatial information in ways that, when combined with ?human vision and domain expertise?, allow for data exploration and decision-making processes.Traditional, static maps have a limited exploratory capability; the graphical representations are inextricably linked to the geographical information beneath. GIS and geovisualization allow for more interactive maps; including the ability to explore different layers of the map, to zoom in or out, and to change the visual appearance of the map, usually on a computer display. Geovisualization represents a further development in cartography that takes advantage of the ability of modern computers to render changes to a map in real time, allowing users to adjust the mapped data on the fly.

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