fredag den 8. januar 2010

Will Future Mobile Apps “Bump”?

Jeg bumpede ind i dette og jeg kunne kun sige øøøh ...

I bumped into this and my mind said huh ...


Adam DuVander

Last month mobile-to-mobile communications company Bump decided to share its technology, which allows for data transfer between two iPhone or Android phones. For example, its flagship iPhone app swaps contact info and photos when two phones “bump” (as in “fist bump”) near each other. Bump introduced an API, but to little fanfare.

Why there hasn’t been much interest, at least publicly, is puzzling. As TechCrunch wrote, transfering data between devices is still difficult:

It’s a problem that’s as frustrating as it is ridiculous: many of us are now walking around with incredibly powerful mobile phones capable of rendering 3D graphics and multitasking. Yet transferring small bits of data between two nearby phones is still often a total pain.

Bump Four, a Connect Four-like game

Bump has created several apps with its technology, including a Connect Four game. The company claims to have been “overwhelmed” by developer interest. And it’s reasonable to expect that they received a number of requests to join what is, essentially, a private beta. But is there enough interest for Bump to become a platform for mobile app communications? [...]

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