fredag den 1. januar 2010

Click-Reporting Tool Using Google Maps and Street View

Klik problemerne væk ... Brug af kort i det offentlige rum til kommunikation imellem borger og myndighed ...

Click and the problems disappear ... Using maps to get in touch ...


An essential service requirement of Local Authorities is to provide a contact mechanism the public can use to report problems such as litter, vandalism or other hazards. This demo shows the City of London. The map is clickable, and a location-based report can be created and submitted.

When clicking on the map, a draggable map marker and information bubble is opened. The bubble contains information about the location that has been clicked, together with a form that can be used by the public to submit a report. Where Google StreetView is available, the user can supplement their report by panning and zooming to the area of interest. StreetView attributes are automatically saved with each report.

GeoMapper Configuration

  • Search modules: Google Local search for finding addresses, businesses and services
  • Map controls: standard Google Maps display with control panel to switch map type and add/remove overlay services
  • Interaction: click any map location to open a draggable, editable report form for that location
  • Additional graphics: the City of London district boundary is shown, with neighbouring districts shaded

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