torsdag den 17. september 2009

2010 GeoDesign Summit

GeoDesign synes at være det nye buzz word ...

GeoDesign, tomorrows buzz?


Join us at the first GeoDesign Summit, a gathering of geospatial thinkers engaged in the transformation of technology, engineering, and planning in a rapidly changing world.

The Summit will introduce the first generation of GeoDesign concepts, tools and technologies, drawing from a multitude of interdisciplinary experiences from around the world.

Share insights with an internationally-known group of innovators, including Keynotespeakers, with a wealth of experience, opinions, and ideas. Take part in Idea Labs, workshops for geodesign brain-storming and cross-disciplinary, hands-on learning.

Why Attend?

By participating in the GeoDesign Summit, you will play a role in defining the shape of this field: you will help determine the early focus of GeoDesign in the professions, give input to curricula design for universities and other institutions, and shape the communications approach for this exciting new field.

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