onsdag den 2. september 2009

Webinar: Ethics in GIS

I en verden hvor alle kan lave deres egne kort og publisere dem vil der i lighed med alle mulig andre former for kommunikation være behov for overvejelser af etisk art. Hvad er det man viser, hvorfor viser man det og til hvem ...

In a world where everyone kan produce and publish maps there is a need for ethical considerations as with all other means of communication ... What are you showing, why are you showing it and for whom are you doing it ...


It is believed that most GIS practitioners go through their work day without ever realizing when they are making an ethical decision, or when their behavior crosses the line between ethical and unethical. The intent of this session is to provide GIS practitioners with an understanding of the content of the GIS Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct and to relate those principles and rules to the everyday work environment so that practitioners are better able to recognize ethical situations when they occur.

Presented by Geney Terry, GISP, El Dorado County, Placerville, CA

When: Thursday, December 3, 2009; 3 p.m. Eastern/2 p.m. Central/1 p.m. Mountain/12 noon Pacific

Cost:$25 for URISA members / $30 Non-members

To register for this webinar, please fill out this Registration Form and fax to 847-824-6300 or email the form to vmcbride@urisa.org

Read more: http://gisandscience.com/2009/09/01/webinar-ethics-in-gis/

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