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RouteBuddy Atlas: free iPhone app

Turistkort vil snart være digitale gadget på din mobiltelefon ... Når du køber din billet får du automatisk sat din telefon op til at guide dig rundt som du får behov ...

Traditional paper tourist maps will be something of the past in the future ... Arrive at the attraction and you'll get a map on your phone along with your ticket (which you too bought using your phone - no credit cards needed) ...


Following on from the launch of 1:50k mapping RouteBuddy and Ordnance Survey have now announced the availability of UK National Park maps at 1:25,000 scale.

The maps cover all fifteen national parks and work in conjunction with RouteBuddy's free iPhone appRouteBuddy Atlas or RouteBuddy's desktop application.

Retailing from £19.99 these maps offer a significant saving on similar national park maps available on other platforms. For more information visit RouteBuddy's Map Store here.

RouteBuddy Atlas is a great app and works well on the iPhone platform with full use of the GPS on iPhone 3G and 3GS models. Apps are installed to the iPhone using a novel system which turns the iPhone into a server.

Switch it on in Atlas settings and you are given a URL . Map files purchased and downloaded from RouteBuddy's map store can be easily copied to the iPhone via this feature using Explorer or Finder (this solution is 100% OS indpendent) and then activated by entering the unique Licence Key provided at purchase.

Some sample images of the Snowdonia National Park Ordnance Survey map are provided below:

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