onsdag den 2. september 2009

TerrainPrint can create a 3D model of anywhere on earth

Hvor stort ville et print af hele verden blive ...

How big would a print of the entire world be ...


TerrainPrint can create a 3D model of anywhere on earth. Use our software which works just like Google Earth to choose where you would like to get a model of and then our 3D printers will produce a physical model for you. Personally customised models of holiday places, natural wonders and journeys can be printed with just a few clicks of your mouse.....

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What is 3D printing?

3D printing turns three-dimensional computer models into physical objects by slicing the model into very thin sections which are then printed on top of each other. Watch this video to see how the magic happens.

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What is a TerrainPrint 3D model?

A TerrainPrint 3D model is a three-dimensional model of the Earth's surface. It's 125mm to 250mm square and made of a plaster-like material that is created with a 3D printer.

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