onsdag den 16. september 2009

Using the power of open source software to rededine the horizons of your world

Jolly Java Jumper ...



'What is OpenJUMP?

OpenJUMP is an open source desktop GIS program written in the Java programming language. Being an open source program means that you have the freedom to modify and redistribute the program. Being written in the Java programming language means OpenJUMP is cross-platform and can run on different operating systems. (OpenJUMP will run on Linux or other operating systems in which the Java programming language is supported, not just on Microsoft Windows.) OpenJUMP is written in the Java programming language, which is powerful, productive and widely adopted. OpenJUMP is not designed as a web application, but to run on your desktop or laptop computer, like your word processor or digital music player. It is a “GIS program”, which means it is made to work with digital maps and other types of “geospatial data”. [...]

Read more: http://redefinedhorizons.com/projects_my_openjump.html

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