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Adding PowerPoint slides to Explorer presentations

At fortælle en historie - ikke kun med kort men også PÅ et kort ...

To tell a story - not just with a map but on the map ...


Explorer's new presentation capabilities are a powerful and very popular feature of the latest release. Like PowerPoint you can create "slides" of your geographic information that you can show and share with others. But better than PowerPoint, the presentation mode uses ArcGIS Explorer so you can navigate, click features to show additional information, toggle layers on and off, and more - all using actual data that may be dynamic or coming directly from your enterprise.

In a previous post we covered an example shown during the ESRI User Conference plenary, and you can view the video of the presentation online to get an idea of what you can do.

You can enhance your Explorer presentation with graphics to create titles, add additional information, and more. And like the presentation shown at the User Conference you can even include PowerPoint slides. Here's how.

First, open your PowerPoint presentation like we have below:

Next, choose Save As, then Other Formats.

From the list of formats, choose PNG as your Save as type:

Note that you'll have the option to save all of your slides as individual PNGs, or just the current slide. We want to add just one of our PowerPoint slides to Explorer, so we'll click Current Slide Only.

Now that we've saved our slide from PowerPoint out as a PNG file, we can add it to ArcGIS Explorer as an image overlay. Image overlays show up in our contents and can be used like any other layer. Choose Add Content, then Image Overlays, and browse for the PNG file you just saved from PowerPoint.

You'll see the image overlay on your map, and can position it in a variety of ways. For PowerPoint slides we recommend the centered or one of the fill options, shown below.

Now your PowerPoint slides are part of your contents, and can be used like any other layer in your ArcGIS Explorer presentation.

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