onsdag den 2. september 2009

The Rise of Geoconsumerism

Vi er alle geo-forbrugere ...

We are all geo-consumers ...


The vision of “GIS for everyone” has been around for a long time. GIS is a transformational technology, with the ability to empower the masses to make better decisions. But from an implementation standpoint, for many years the “GIS for everyone” vision was not very practical. For the most part, GIS use remained fairly exclusive; the tools, data, and decision making were relegated to a fairly small number of “GIS professionals.” [...]

Looking at geospatial information, GIS professionals have been working hard over the last couple of decades to build the infrastructure. While not “complete,” this infrastructure is to the point where it is comprehensive enough that it can be of great value to many people beyond the traditional GIS audience. Making the infrastructure accessible to “everyone” is now in the hands of developers.


Evolution of the Geospatial Information Consumption System.

Some developers are taking a more traditional approach, often developing sophisticated applications for very specific uses, while others are looking at ways to bring more simple applications to a much larger audience. Both approaches are valuable and needed, and the line between them is beginning to blur as developers focus on using the most appropriate techniques, tools, and methods for the intended audience.

The next generation of geospatial applications will have broad relevance across society, will leverage the infrastructure built and maintained by GIS professionals, will make people’s lives easier and better, and will be transparent and “just work.” Developers, this is your time. “Everyone” is waiting. [...]

Read more: http://gisandscience.com/2009/09/02/the-rise-of-geoconsumerism/

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