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As good as it looks? Any experiences to share?


Indiemapper is the smarter, easier, more elegant way to make thematic maps from digital data.

Indiemapper brings traditional cartogra-phy into the 21st century. It's platform independent, location independent and huge-software-budget independent.

Indiemapper closes the gap between data and map by taking a visual approach to map-making. See your data. Make your map. For the first time ever, it's just that simple.

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  • Real-time, visual editing.
  • No software to download or update.
  • Expert advice for every step of the mapping process.
  • Professional colors from ColorBrewer, type from TypeBrewer, and basemaps from Natural Earth.
  • Integrates with your existing workflow; use data from ArcGIS and Google Earth and export to Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Easily create trivariate label, bivariate proportional symbol maps and bivariate cartograms.
  • Load shapefile, KML and GPX files.
  • Choropleth, dot density, proportional symbol and cartogram mapping.
  • Online saving and file versioning.
  • Access full map history and roll back to any previous version of your maps.
  • Collaborate with your team; invite other users to share, edit, and add comments to a map.
  • Manage billing for multiple accounts.
  • Work in local mode to keep your data stored only on your local computer.
  • Support for most major map projections.
  • Map layout for print and screen.
  • Export to vector SVG and JPEG / PNG.
  • Save your data and map into a single file.

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