torsdag den 1. april 2010

IntelliFinder ID Augmented Reality

Der er ingen tvivl om at augmented reality er kommet for at blive. I de kommende år vil vi se flere og flere seriøse applikationer rettet imod det professionelle marked ... At augmentere verden betyder jo at give let adgang til tid og sted bestemt information ... Noget som vi alle har brug for fra tid til anden og som de profesionelle har brug for hele tiden ...

No doubt augmented reality is here to stay. In years to come we will see more and more serious apps developed not only for the fun of it but for the professionels as well ... Augmenting reality means to enable easy access to space and time relevant information ... Something we all need from time to time and the pros need all the time ...


We are proud to announce the release of the IntelliFinder ID layer for Layar.

Layar is an Augmented Reality application that can be downloaded and installed on iPhone and Android devices. With the IntelliFinder ID layer, it is possible to quickly and easily navigate to the nearest IntelliFinder ID Tags.

IntelliFinder ID Layar Augmentet Reality

To get the IntelliFinder ID layer on your device, you must have Layar installed, and via the Program, make a search for the IntelliFinder ID Layer. Please note, that to able to see the layer, a valid login to the IntelliFinder ID system is required. [...]

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