fredag den 23. april 2010

Lightning Talks

Lav en Kim Schumacher ved dette års ESRI UC ...

Your 5 minutes of fame ...


Give an ESRI lightning talk! This is your 5 minutes to talk about anything that’s inspirational, remarkable, or something incredible that you’re part of.

  • Share one great idea—your opportunity to tell a story, motivate, and inspire
  • 5-minute maximum presentation
  • Limit your slides—slides are auto-advanced by the moderator
    (for example, if you have 20 slides, you'll have 15 seconds per slide;
    if you have 5 slides, you'll have 60 seconds per slide)
    Reminder: Only non-copyrighted images allowed.
  • No live demos—a new rule for this year

Give a Lightning Talk

Have some fun; get ideas from watching videos:

Read more:

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