lørdag den 17. april 2010

Maps - the new rock’n’roll

Morlille er en sten ...

Rocks on maps. Maps of rock 'n' roll. Maps are rocking and rolling ...

The Rock and Roll map


In our endlessly charted 21st-century world, with Google Earth photographing every crack in the pavement, it is tempting to believe that maps are our obedient and objective servants, designed with the sole purpose of guiding mankind from A to B. But is this really the case? In a fascinating new season of programmes on BBC Four, two academics will try to expose modern misconceptions about cartography and thereby redraw the map of maps.

As Head of Map Collections at the British Library, Peter Barber, 61, is the proud curator of some 4.5million atlases, maps, globes and cartographic books. On 30 April, the library will open a splendid new (and free) exhibition,Magnificent Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art. It includes everything from the world’s largest book, The Klencke Atlas, which was drawn up in 1660 for Charles II as a summary of the world’s knowledge, to a Nazi propaganda poster printed in 1944 depicting Churchill as a grasping imperial octopus. [...]

Read more: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/bbc/7598431/Maps-the-new-rocknroll.html

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