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What’s that barcode in your Google Places account?

Dresser din mobil til at læse disse koder og du kommer hurtigere videre ... Typisk vil et link hurtigt kunne videregives ved et enkelt klik ...

Use your mobile phone to access links and other useful information quick and easy ...

If you manage a Google Places account for your business in the U.S., you’ll now find a two-dimensional barcode - known as a QR code - on the right side of your business’ dashboard page. If you have just one business listing, this is the page you’re automatically taken to when you log in. If you have multiple listings, click “View report” to get to this page.

Your QR code is unique to your business, and it allows people with certain mobile Android-powered devices and iPhones to scan it and be taken directly to the mobile version of your Place Page. Once on the mobile Place Page, users can find any discounts that you may be offering, post Buzz about your place, instantly call your business, or get other basic information about your business. Currently, several apps on Android-powered devices and iPhones are fully supported; apps on other devices will take you directly to when you scan the code. Here are some ideas for how you can use your unique QR code as a free marketing tool:
  • Add it to the back of business cards: Lots of you are already giving away business cards to your customers. Adding a QR code lets you add a lot more information, virtually, with your Place Page, and allows you to change information like discounts & real-time updates about your business without changing the card itself.
  • Add it to marketing materials: If you’re running an ad, putting out a pamphlet, or handing out flyers, add a QR code to the corner. We’re using QR codes in a series of new testimonials about Google Places, for example. (Make sure to keep some white space around the QR code to allow for proper scanning).

  • Put it in your window: If you’ve got a poster, a menu, or anything else in your window, a QR code lets customers remember you by scanning the code and saving your business as a personal favorite. We’ve got a sample poster with your unique code already on it, which is ready to print from your dashboard page.
To download your QR code, right click to save the image from the right side of your dashboard page.

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